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Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Concerns:

If I arrive by plane, will someone meet me?
Before you board your final flight connection to Albuquerque, please call us to confirm your flight is on schedule. The phone number is: 505-384-5135.

What if I am traveling from overseas?
We will meet you at Albuquerque airport. Please call us to confirm your flight is on schedule before boarding the final connection for your journey to Albuquerque.  We will not meet you unless you call us. The phone number is: 505-384-5135. Because of the price of gas, we ask for $15 per person. The drive to camp is aproximately 1 hour from the airport.

Financial Concerns:

Communications / Shipping / Mailing Concerns

Sufi Camp: General Questions:


Travel Concerns:

How do I get to the camp by car? By bus? By plane?

See the map on our web site that tells you how to arrive by car. There are no buses routed to our area.

To arrive by plane, you should fly into Albuquerque, New Mexico airport.

Can you recommend any travel web site offering less expensive prices to fly? 

The following web sites may offer the lowest fares. Each site has its useful qualities and peculiarities. Remember to read it carefully.

If I arrive by plane, will someone meet me?

We will meet people at the airport. You must let us know 24 hours in advance of your arrival. Because of the price of gas, we ask for $15 per person. The drive to camp is approximately 1 hour from the airport.

How do I notify the camp I am coming? And should I reconfirm?

Please let us know as soon as you could; by telephoning Sufi Foundation of America at 505-384-5135.

Financial Concerns:

What are the prices?

The cost of the workshop will be $350 per week, $1,200 for one month, or $1,800 for two months from July 1 – Aug. 31st. Make checks payable to Sufi Foundation of America. To make a reservation, a $350 deposit is required. Other questions about prices, contact Steve Crespo at 212-228-2459.

Does the price cover food, room and board? 

Yes, the price does cover food from our organic garden and sleeping accommodations.

Should I send a deposit and when? 

Yes you should send a deposit as soon as you could to ensure your place but if circumstances stop you from sending a deposit, this should not deter you from coming. Just let us know ahead of time; call 212 228 2459 (call before June 25)
or call 505 384 5135 (call after June 25)

Communications Concerns

What is the mailing or shipping address for FedEx, UPS or the Post Office? 


For postal mail:

Sufi Foundation of America,
P.O. Box 170
Torreon, NM 87061

For UPS or FedEX:

Sufi Foundation of America,
Attn: your name
50 Sufi Rd
Torreon, NM 87061

Can I use my cell phone there?

Yes. But be sure to turn it off before attending workshop sessions.

A variety of cell phone services work in Camp. There is no national service that has local service there, but any plan that claims to cover the entire country with no roaming will work there with no extra charges. ATT seems to work consistently better here.

Do I have access to the Internet?

If you bring your computer, accommodations can be made.

Sufi Camp: General Questions:

Can I come for a day, week or a short time? 

Yes, you can come for a short period of time. You will find yourself wishing to stay longer. The Center has a wonderful magnetic comforting power that pleasures you to stay longer.

What is summer camp like? 

We meet in the morning about 11am until 3pm or 4pm and we will meet again at 7pm. Before the morning, people do what they like. We have Tuesday off so people can do personal errands and visit the surrounding areas. The classes consist of exercises, meditation, drumming, hiking, movement, chanting, dancing and whirling.

When is the best time to come? 

We recommend people arrive as close to the beginning as possible to get more advantage from the workshop. If you cannot do so, you can still come when it is convenient for you.

Can I come to camp early, a few days ahead before July 1st? 

Yes. The pre-workshop cost is $5 per day and you would need to take of your own food costs as we won’t yet be serving group meals.

What should I bring, and does it get cold at night or hot during the day? 

The 7200′ elevation makes for clear mountain air with dry daytime temperatures reaching the low 80’s, while dropping into the 50’s at night. So be sure to bring warm clothing, bedding sheets blankets or sleeping bag, in addition to other
personal items such as towels, flashlight, shoes for hiking, etc.

What other clothes should I bring? 

Bring warm clothing for the cool evenings, loose fitting clothes for the workshops.

Can I bring a tent? 

Yes you can bring a tent. Since we are surrounded by thousands of acres of natural forest, people find themselves enjoying the nature and enjoying some seclusion and quiet.

Can I send things ahead of time UPS? 

Definitely. You can use our mailing address and have it posted to your attention.

Is there a laundry there? 

There is no laundry at camp but there is a laundry in the nearby town of Estancia.

Are there accommodations for children? 

Sorry, not at this time, perhaps in the future. If you have questions about this, please contact us.

What kind of food is prepared? 

The food is vegetarian including salads, sprouts and fresh raw vegetables that are grown in the Foundation’s organic garden. Cooking is done by students who are more knowledgeable about the healthy diet. The newer students will be helping. About every three days, two people are in charge of cooking. We do have a separate kitchen facility for those who have special dietary concerns.