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Summer Camp

During the summer, Sufi Workshop is held under the colorful skies of New Mexico, the land of enchantment. 2 months, July 1 — August 31.

Adnan SarhanAdnan Sarhan, founder and director of the Sufi Foundation of America of America, is internationally known for his “Rapid (Shattari) Method” which develops higher intelligence and awareness, and causes people to become creative and innovative by destroying all types of bad habits. He is a master of various traditions of meditative sciences, physical exercise, mystical dance, music and drumming.

Adnan leads participants in a wide range of timeless sufi techniques. Exercises, meditation, drumming, movement, chanting, dancing and whirling are used to develop the higher intelligence of the heart, improve will power, heighten concentration, bring better personality, produce bodily changes like slower heart rate and lower blood pressure, and produce shifts in perception which result in clarity of thinking, improved memory and positive attitude.

Over the years, Adnan has conducted workshops at prestigious institutions around the world including the United Nations in New York, St. James’ Church in London, Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, the World Congress of Psychology in Switzerland, a grand concert at the Otto Zutz in Barcelona, Spain, the Earth Summit in Brazil, the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York, the Unitarian Society of Whittier, California, Esalen Institute at Big Sur, California, and conferences of Humanistic Psychology and many others.

The Center:
Nestled in the Manzano Mountain range just 40 miles southeast of Albuquerque, the property is surrounded by over 200 square miles of Cibola National Forest. The 40 acre estate with housing and facilities offers magnificent views over looking the Chihuahua Desert. The 7200′ elevation makes for clear mountain air with dry day time temperatures reaching the low 80’s, while dropping into the 50’s at night. So be sure to bring warm clothing, blankets or sleeping bag, in addition to other personal items such as towels, flashlight, shoes for hiking, etc. Do not bring children or pets.

Directions for air travel:
If you are flying to Albuquerque Airport, call the Center the day before your arrival at 505-384-5135 to arrange for someone to pick you up. Due to the high gasoline/petro prices, the car pickup from the airport will be $30 per person. The drive to camp is approximately 1 hour from the airport.


The cost of the workshop (July 1 – August 31) will be $1,800 or $350 per week, or $1,200 for four weeks. Cost of the extension (Sept. 1 – Sept. 15) is $350 per week. Make checks payable to Sufi Foundation of America. To make a reservation, a $350 deposit is required. To register, contact Steve Crespo at 212-228-2459 before July 1st or 505-384-5135 after July 1st.


Driving instructions from Albuquerque:
The center is about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from the center of Albuquerque. Take I-40 east to Tijeras exit. Go south on state hwy 337 for apx 29 miles. Turn right onto hwy 55. Go apx. 5.6 miles. Look for LaQuesta Road where you will turn right. There is a green and gold sign reading “Sufi Foundation of America Retreat Center 4 miles”. Follow “Sufi” signs to retreat center. If you get lost, call us at 384-5135.

For more information:
Sufi Foundation of America
PO Box 170
Torreon, NM 87061

For shipping boxes by UPS or FedEx:
Sufi Foundation of America
(attn: your name)
50 Sufi Rd
Torreon, NM 87061

Business phone only: (505)384-5135

also see Frequently Asked Questions about the Summer Workshop