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What people say about Adnan Sarhan’s Sufi workshops:

Adnan Sarhan“Adnan can take the students to extraordinary perceptions in a brief time.” — InnerSelf Magazine

“I started to doubt if I would ever meet a real Sufi master who pays so much attention to music, poetry and dancing in life, in spiritual path as you, as Sufis of the past. Thank you very much.” — Yana Petrova, Radio Russia, Moscow

“You have taught me how to encourage the positive and discourage the negative.” — Don Blasius, Ph.D. Dept. of Mathematics, Yale University

“My life has completely turned around. I have stopped smoking, drinking and arguing with my friends and employees.” — Steven Buckwald, President, Surroundings

“The most perfected form of all body work I had come across in my years of search.” — Odile Atthalin, Psychologist/Bodyworker, Paris, France

“I previously attempted meditation by ceaselessly repeating a mantra, such meditation has never before been of such depth and tranquility as I achieved at your workshop.” — Alvin S. Hyde, M.D., Ph.D., Hyde Associates, Inc. Key Biscayne, FL

“Adnan reveals something indecipherable about humankind’s place in the universe, about the nature of being in the moment.” – Ron Gibson, Echo Newspaper, Byron Bay, Australia

“The significance of what Adnan does is ecumenical, as his emphasis is on the spiritual brotherhood of all people. The experience of his work is as valid for Christians and Jews as it is for Moslems.” — James Parks Morton, Dean, Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, NY

“A most therapeutic group encounter.” — Joseph Savage, M.D., psychiatrist, V.A. Hospital, New York

“I live in a high stress life with continual travel and deadlines. I attended Adnan’s workshop and my stress was gone, my energy had increased and my sleep was like a baby’s. I glided through my busy schedule. — Gary Scott, President, World Reports

“Adnan’s holistic approach to the development and integration of body and mind has helped me take a multi-faceted approach to teaching theater to university and conservatory students.” — Jean-Claude van Itallie, Ph.D., Program in Theater and Dance, Princeton University

“Thanks to Adnan for the experience of that radiant fullness of a heart full of love; the ecstasy and peace of being in the moment; and for burning the names of God into our hearts forever.” — Gwen Gosé, International Coordinator, S.F.A.

“Adnan is a man of simple needs and astounding abilities. Very rare to meet someone who has coupled these two streams.” — John Chiarkas, Ph.D., Director of City University of New York, CATCH Program

R.J. “Josh” Reynolds, III, Board of Directors, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, said that the Sufi work instills “greater freedom of action and a source of real meaning to existence.”

“The spiritual approach is here, but I never thought I’d lose so much weight.” — Bill Hug, Head of Dance Department, Florida University

“A profoundly beautiful method of quieting the mind while toning, firming and relaxing the body. After the workshop I felt very calm and full of vibrant energy.” — Janet Norquist, Cartographer, The New York Times, NY

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