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Sufi Workshops over the Christmas holidays in New York City:

Feldenkrais Institute
134 West 26th St- 2nd Floor
(Between 6th and 7th Aves)
New York, NY 10001  (www.feldenkraisinstitute.com)

December 26 to January 3
11.30am – 5 pm

Cost: $350 for the long workshops; the daily rate is $50

No reservations needed, wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or blanket to exercise on

More info: 212-228-2459


Sufi Workshops in Madrid, Spain, March 2016

Sufi Workshops in Madrid, Spain, March 2016:

Location: FACTORY BALLET (except Drum Concert at Espacio Ronda, see below)
C/ D. Ramón de la Cruz n°  67
28001 Madrid  Metro LISTA

Weekend Workshop:
Friday March 11,  7pm to 9pm
Saturday March 12,  11:30am to 6pm
Sunday March 13,  11:30am to 6pm

Cost: 10 € for Friday evening, 70 € for Sat. & Sun.,  40 € single day

Semana Santa Workshops and Drum Concert:
March 18, Drum Concert at 7 pm, Cost: 10 €, Espacio Ronda Madrid, Calle Ronda de Segovia 50, Madrid 28005. (Metro Puerta de Toledo, Autobuses 3, 23, 35, 41, 148, C1 y C2 / Tren Cercanías, Pirámides)

March 19 through March 27 (9 day Sufi Workshop at Factory Ballet)
Daily: 11:30 am-6pm
Whole workshop  250 €, single day 40 €

Reservations not required. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a yoga mat or blanket to exercise on

Isabelle (English speaking, evening only), +34 91 501 45 19
Paloma (Espana, manyana solo), +34 91 2210211


Location: Yoga East, 2226 Holiday Manor Center, Louisville, KY
Yoga East is located in Holiday Manor Center on Brownsboro Road (Hwy.42), two blocks east of the intersection of Brownsboro Rd. and I-264 (Watterson Expressway).  At Starbucks, turn right into the parking lot and enter from the breezeway.   

Friday Dec. 18, Drum Concert, Exercises, Movement, Dance  7pm to 9pm
Saturday Dec. 19,  11:30am to 5:30pm
Sunday Dec. 20,  11:30am to 5:30pm

Cost: $10 for Friday evening, $120 for Sat. & Sun.,  $70 for single day

Reservations not required. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a yoga mat or blanket to exercise on

Questions? Call: (502) 695-2605


Location:  Candler Park Yoga, 1630 D DeKalb Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307
Located on the corner of Brooks and Dekalb. The entrance is on Brooks Avenue. 3 blocks East of the Candler Park Marta Station.

Friday December 4,  Drum Concert,  7:15pm to 9:15pm
Saturday December 5,  11:30am to 5pm
Sunday December 6,  11:30am to 5pm

Friday December 11,  7:15pm to 9:15pm
Saturday December 12,  11:30am to 5pm
Sunday December 13,  11:30am to 5pm

Cost: $10 Friday night, $70 one day, $120 for Sat & Sun, $130 entire weekend

Reservations not required. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a yoga mat or blanket to exercise on

Questions? Call: 678-596-8396


cathedralstjohnThe “significance of what Adnan does is ecumenical, as his emphasis is on the spiritual brotherhood of all people. The experience of his work is as valid for Christians and Jews as it is for Moslems.”

— James Parks Morton, Dean, Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, NY



Adnan and students doing slow movement dance in
field at Sufi Foundation retreat center in New Mexico.



Rainbow at dawn as viewed from the balcony of new workshop
building at Sufi Foundation retreat center in New Mexico.


I Am the Time

Adnan, sitting students“You are only living when you are graced and blessed in the moment, by the moment. The moment is the fountain of serenity. The moment says, “I am a messenger to you, a messenger of eternity. I bring you a message of eternal joy. I am joy and tranquility. I am peace and delight. I am faith and trust. I am truth and reality. I am in the moment because I am the moment. I am honor, respect and dignity. I am simple, tolerant and generous.

“I am the time and the time is me. I am the profound depth of intelligence and intelligence is me. I am the beautiful spring of essence and essence is me. I am the perfume of life and the fragrance of a smile. I am the living spark and spirit that shines in the eyes. I am the sweet taste of heaven and I am heaven in your heart. I am charm, beauty, delight, happiness, tranquility, serenity and the pleasure of life and the joy of love, peace contentment, harmony, existence, intelligence and truth. And I am in the present all the time. With you, I am the moment that never fades, that never goes away.”

From: The Enchanted Oasis of the Ringed Dove by Adnan Sarhan


7devilsJames would have one day run his family’s successful business. A sufi teacher appeared in his life advising him to leave it. This is his story about how he traded fortune and security for the unknown, escaped financial ruin, overcame a terrifying fear, and discovered an extraordinary inner source of strength and transformation. Available as Kindle ebook on Amazon.com


Inside The Time by Tamsin Murray

insidetimecover“Inside The Time” by Tamsin Murray is an exploration of the experiences, practices and principles of Sufi Master Adnan Sarhan who brings Western students into a realm of experience that transcend the normal perceptions and conditions and bring powerful inner changes through simple breathing, moving and chanting practices.

A student’s portrayal of a unique Sufi path. Blending personal experience with the knowledge of Sufi principles and methods, Tamsin brings to life the encounter between a deeply experiential spiritual path, the modern world, the ancient principles and the creative techniques of Sufi Master Adnan Sarhan. Beautifully written the book explores how the practices combined with beauty, rhythm and creativity unfold to bring profound encounters with self and the universe. Tamsin Murray has studied with Adnan since 1987, and while traveling with him wrote “Inside The Time.” If you ever have felt time stop, the moment expand and the heart called to something deeper than what is apparent then this book will touch you. Available on Amazon.com